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College students have long been forgotten when it comes to building tools that will make your lives easier. Do you know why? Well, it's because you're broke. Never fear, here at Wittit we are building ways to make your life on campus easier and to better connect you to the people and businesses directly around you.

The best part? Keep those last few dollars for things that matter. Like alcohol or sending your ex flowers on their birthday! (You've got to move on! We've had this talk. Plenty of fish!)

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Our Company Story

The idea for Wittit began when Mitch's college roommate, Kevin, found a sublease on craigslist who pretended to be a student but ended up being a 35-year-old creep/likely murderer who scared away the few girls they could get to talk to them. Post grad, he worked at Zillow Rentals where he realized the rentals and roommate search problem existed because the big brands didn't give a shit about college students and their issues. So, he decided to do something about it.

All that said, the REAL magic in Wittit comes from our amazing interns and brand ambassadors. It's their energy and love that fuel this rocket ship!